Love Like Gravity is a band that unashamedly shouts out a message of Faith, Hope and Love. With a heart that beats for ministry, always searching for the best balance of depth and accessibility in modern music isn’t easy. However, this band seems to have found the elements to make it work. With the commanding vocals of Dustin Woods, the guitar duo of Justin Loury and Cale Kight as well as the groove centered low-end, held down by Jeromy Marsh and Stan ‘meat’ Mayo, just one word leaps to mind…chemistry! Love Like Gravity has played to thousands as a headlining artist while also sharing tickets with such top industry artists as Kutless, Chasen, RED, Skillet, Decyfer Down, Disciple and Manafest at events and festivals across the US. Joining forces with Tony Palacios and Jim Cooper (Decyfer Down, Building 429, High Flight Society, etc) the first 2 albums found the sweet spot, especially with radio. Between the self titled release and their second offering, CHAIN-REACTION, the band saw 5 singles chart in the Top 30 on The Billboard Christian Rock charts. Three of those singles went on to Top 20 and top 15 status. One single in particular, “Stronger“, went on to sit at the top 5 spot for consecutive weeks on the CMW charts and was #34 in Billboard’s top 75 Christian Rock songs of 2012. In 2015 WORD FILMS released “ADRENALINE“, the faith based film whose title was inspired by the band’s single of the same name. The song was featured in the movie along with the song “COME ON,COURAGE” from LLG’s sophomore release, Chain-Reaction. While the band is currently involved in personal ministries and various solo / side projects, Love Like Gravity’s platform graciously continues to grow.